Karina & Kyle Wedding

Karina and Kyle thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day. I wish you lifetime of happiness and many years of joy from your wedding film.

Karina and Kyle’s Wedding was on June 27th, 2014 and the weather was absolutely perfect. Beautiful sunset for the ceremony and breathtaking scenery. This wedding was filmed with Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 6D & Canon 70D.

  • Karina & Kyle

    To put it plain and simple my wife and I were apprehensive when it came to a videographer. Most of our friends told us that they had someone video their wedding and while most of them had watched it once others never even bothered to watch it. I think in 99% of the cases couples hire someone to video and for the most part what they receive is essentially “B-roll” or a continuous video of the event from 1 or 2 video cameras. For this reason alone it was difficult to justify the cost on top of already hiring a quality photographer.

    At the time of the wedding planning I had worked at the same company as Robert and he had plenty of time to convince me that I should go with him however, after all of the discussions it only took one trailer from one of his previous weddings to win us over. Robert takes an artistic, cinematic approach to his work that rivals most hollywood movies today. Robert’s work focuses on telling a story and doing so in a way that takes you back to the moment as if took place yesterday. His passion and energy for what he does is incomparable to anyone we have ever worked with. From start to finish you can expect nothing less than professionalism working with the “cast” in addition to other vendors. Robert couldn’t have managed the situation any better and in fact I felt he really added to the creativity of our wedding shots by providing our photographer with an alternative perspective.

    I could go on forever but simply put I will leave you with these two thoughts. First, after working with Robert and seeing the results we have watched our video more than 15 times (5 back to back in the first sitting) and I have not even been through all of our wedding photos. Secondly, Robert puts an ungodly amount of hours into editing his films and…the results speak for themselves. Watch the karina&kyle trailer and you will agree. Investing in Robert and Wedding Dream Video was the best decision we ever made.

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